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What is a Print Marketing Portal?

When it comes to franchising, consistency is key. Consistency in marketing strategies, messaging, branding, design, and atmosphere is so incredibly important for franchises.

However, maintaining brand consistency and adhering to brand guidelines is difficult for even small businesses with a single location. Add another location or even several across the country, and the challenge becomes overwhelming.

So, how can franchises maintain brand compliance effortlessly and affordably in a way that eases corporate efforts and supports each franchisee? The answer: with the help of a Franchise Marketing Portal and we have the details you need to get started.

What Is a Franchise Marketing Portal?

Franchise Marketing Portals—also known as “Brand Portals,” "Web-to-Print Portals,” or "Ordering Portals”—are online storefronts where franchise owners and their team can access and order all branded materials and assets including:

  • Direct mail materials (postcards, catalogs, envelopes, letterhead, etc.)

  • Promotional products (pens, apparel, signage, event tents, etc.)

  • Printed materials (business cards, brochures, door hangers, banners, flyers, etc.)

  • Digital assets (logos, digital catalogs, online ad designs, mailing lists, etc.)

By placing all branded assets in one place, and streamlining orders, franchises are able to quickly and easily obtain the brand-compliant materials and assets they need to successfully represent the overall franchise’s brand and deliver their message.

Within Marketing Portals, franchisees can even easily customize certain design elements including contact information on business cards, website URLs on postcards, images on brochures, or addresses on signage without ever compromising brand compliance.

The Benefits of Franchise Marketing Portals

Better Support for Franchisees

When someone joins your franchise, sending them franchise brand guidelines and the corporate marketing team’s contact information isn’t enough. Sending them design assets and templates for marketing materials is too much. When franchises handle supporting their franchisees in these ways, they risk inconsistent branding and an overwhelmed franchisee.

With a Marketing Portal utilized, all a franchisee needs to do is login to your Marketing Portal and they then have access to all the branded assets that you allow them to have access to.


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